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I have been working for Gorgeous London escorts for long enough now, and I fancy a change. Sure I have made a lot of money in escorting, but it is not one of those jobs that you want to do forever. So far I must admit that I have enjoyed every moment of my escort career with the escort agencies that I have worked for, but like I said to my boss at cheap London escorts the other day, it is really time for me to move on.

As I have my own place in London, I have been thinking about working from home. It may not be the best option for many girls if they share a place with someone else, but I think that it would suit me. London is not the cheapest place in the world to live in, and it can even cost you a small fortune to travel around London. That is only one of the reason why I am thinking about working from home.

What am I going to do from home? Well, I love porn and I have been thinking about becoming a porn blogger. It would mean that I would be the only girl from London escorts with her own blog, but to be fair, you can make some serious money from porn blogging. It is one of those niches on the Internet that people don’t seem to get tired of and you can make a lot of money blogging about porn. Some of the top porn bloggers earn in the region of $100,000 per year.

During the last year, I have been spending a lot of time online setting up social profiles for my porn blog. Yes, the porn blog itself is set up as well and I am already making some money from it. I have not told any of the girls at London escorts that I am doing this, and I am not going to do so neither. They would only get jealous and I think that at least a couple of the girls that I work with at London escorts, would try to copycat me. That would mean that my porn blog would not be such as a special concept at the end of the day, and I would not make as much money.

Do I enjoy porn blogging? I actually do really get a kick out of it. Since I have set up my own website, I have learned a lot of technical skills as well, and I am planning on launching other blogs. The secret of doing well on the Internet is to keep things to yourself. Don’t tell other what you are planning and what you are going to be doing. You need to be kind of creative and I think that I can just about handle that. Since I have been porn blogging my creative side has really come out and I am coming up with these crazy ideas. I am not sure what the future is for me when I finally leave London escorts, but I am pretty sure that it is rather rosy.

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