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In the area of Southeast London, England, our family lives at Abbey Wood. The place where live bands would play in their hall. My wife is a former Abbey Wood Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/abbey-wood-escorts; she is a gorgeous and fantastic woman. I fell in love with her because of her pleasing personality and love for her family. Looking back, I always met her at the Abbey woods since we were childhood friends. We share good memories like playing in the mud and snow. Our favorite pet is a dog since an astray dog passed by to us starve and sick. I think we were just eight years old on that; we decided to take care of the dog and love it. Our life before is simple; we do not have everything, but we have each other. We became best friends and promised to be together someday. We were classmates at school and always defend each other. We never let anyone bully us. We vow to protect each other. As young as we are, we already know that we fell in love with each other. She is good in ballet dancing, and I love her every time she moves her body. She is an awardee at school, and I am always the first person to be proud.


But when the time comes, we part ways. We need to migrate to the United States and start a new life since we have no stable living at Abbey Wood. We both cried and hugged for the last time. I had to continue my studies in the US; my course was Business administration. I heard she had stopped schooling since her father dies. That was the last news I heard from her. She stops sending me a letter, and I get no response. After five years, I take over on our business and become the CEO of it. My life becomes good. I book a lady at Abbey Wood Escorts for an event. When I flew there, little did I know, it was my childhood friend? She has changed so much. I’m glad to see her and keep communicating. I fulfilled my promise to marry her no matter what she is now. She has stopped working as an escort and focus our family. Everything went well on our first, but later on, she became addicted to alcohol and went late always. She leaves the kids to starve and to cry. And it becomes more serious. I cannot carry it anymore and decided to leave her. I filed divorce and granted. My life becomes lonely, and it kills me every time. But I need to be strong for the children since I have the custody with them.


I never marry again or indulge in other women. I have heard she work back as an Abbey Wood Escort.

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