how coronavirus and lockdowns ruined my marriage

The pandemic spared nothing, including relationships; I worked for the London Escorts agency at in central London. During this coronavirus pandemic and never-ending lockdowns, there are still men who booked us for business dates. During our date, these men shared their experiences in their relationship, mostly bad.

They said that their marriage wasn’t spared from these pandemic lockdowns. One of my clients, Brian, a Hedge fund Manager from the city, told me that the lockdown was the catalyst for their marriage to end. He said being married for 24 years, with both of them working for almost the duration of their married life. Being stuck together in their home during lockdown didn’t bring the best out of them. They slowly realised that they were a lot less compatible than they had originally thought.

Brian said that lockdown forces them to face their problem when normally they could escape and hide behind a mountain of work and not talk about it on regular days. The stress caused by lockdown for both of them was high, he said.

Unaccustomed to the new normal, Brian and his wife always felt consistent of anger which led to tension for the whole time they were on lockdown. I didn’t expect this at all; one time at the agency, we talked with my fellow London escort girls, and we were worried about the upcoming lockdown in London. We said that bookings would drastically reduce because of these lockdowns, and we even said we were happy for those couples whose partners are our clients that they may rekindle their relationship during the lockdown.

However, this is not the case for Brian. For those 24 years of marriage, he and his wife only see each other every night after work, and during date nights, it seems to work for them. When lockdown came, and both of them were stuck in their house, spending more time together seemed to have broken their marriage. Brian said that they started to fight even on useless and unimportant things.

The girls in the agency have the same reported that many clients like Brian have expressed similar views about their own relationships, and An organization from the UK did a survey last April of 2020 that a third of people living in the UK felt that lockdown adds pressure on their relationship. The survey even reported that more women find their partners irritating.

Angela, one of the escort girls here in the agency, broke up with her boyfriend because of the lockdown. The story is that Angela won’t live with her boyfriend during the lockdown season and her boyfriend really want Angela to live in with him, but Angela can’t leave her family at home. They broke up just because of that. I think that this lockdown creates a make or break environment for couples. More people who haven’t realised the actual state of their relationship because of having a busy schedule and were forced learn and engage more with their partners when lockdown came.

London Escorts would love to help counsel these couples. I told Brian that breaking up with his wife is not the answer to their relationship, and this pandemic is a challenge to their relationship that needs to be dealt with.

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