London escorts on when plastic surgery goes wrong.

My friend who works for a rival London escorts surgery recently had lip implants and it all went wrong. Now, she is waiting to have surgery to correct the problem, but in the meantime, she cannot work. She is really upset and regrets having had it done. It is not like enhancement surgery is cheap. It can cost you a lot of money, and getting compensation when things go wrong is not that easy at all. When I had my surgery to life my eye lids, I have to admit that I was not sure that it was the right thing to do.

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Why have we become so obsessed with surgery? I think that we are always striving to look perfect these days. Like most of the other girls here at London escorts, I know that I have to be on top of my game to make money, and that is why I have turned to enhancement surgery a couple of times. However, I am not sure that I am going to do so in the future. It may look great for a while but I am not sure what the long term effects of plastic surgery are on your skin.


Some of the girls who have just joined London escorts, are working hard to save up for things like breast implants. I am sure that it is okay for some of them, but all gents are different. Some gents like big boobs, and then you get some gents that do not like big boobs at all. Knowing what I know now, I think that it is much better to stay natural, and make the most of your natural assets. There is a lot of pressure on you to enhance yourself, but I am not going to have any more procedures.


I think that the problem comes when you read too many ladies magazines. Many of them promote the body perfect and say how great girls look once they have had a baby. The truth is that many of these ladies have had tummy tucks, and have not exercised their way back to a good figure at all. I know that it may not be easy, but you can work hard and feel better about yourself. All women that I know who have had a baby do not have perfect bodies anymore. It is just a fact of life and I don’t have a problem with that.


Some of the London escorts services that I worked for here in London, try to force their girls into having enhancement surgery. It applies to elite London escorts services mainly. I know that it could be tempting, but think twice. The agency will not pay for the work, but they may give you a lot of false promises of better earnings. Yes, of course you want to look good and earn money, but is surgery the right way to ho about it. I am not sure that it is, and personally, I would like to encourage girls to stay away from plastic surgery – it can seriously wreak your life.

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