My Cross Dressing Boyfriend

My boyfriend is really into cross dressing. Some of my friends at West Midland escorts of think that it is really strange but it does not bother me at all. As a matter of fact, my boyfriend and I have a lot of fun dressing up together. We have spent a long time together so I guess that we have become kind of comfortable with each other. I even go out with my boyfriend and his friends. It does not really turn me on, but we do have loads of fun together.


There are actually advantages to have a cross dressing boyfriend. At first, I thought it was going to be really weird but now I enjoy the experience. In many ways I feel that I can spend time with my boyfriend as a woman and that is great for me as a bisexual girl. I think that if I wasn’t bisexual, I would feel totally different about the entire experience but now I feel kind of good about it. It sort of turns me on when we are alone together.


Is cross dressing common? Until I joined West Midland escorts, I did not think that cross dressing was that common, but now I know different. It could be that I am just one of those girls who attracts that sort of date, but I have met a lot of gents at West Midland escorts who are cross dressers. Many of my gents also say that they enjoy dating men who are cross dressers. That surprised me a bit but I do know that a lot of men can pull off cross dressing really well.


Do I think that cross dressing is kinky? I don’t find cross dressing kinky at all. In many ways I think that it is very similar to role play. It must have been around for centuries and you can read about famous crossdressers through history. I think it is kind of funny and I know that it is my boyfriend’s way of letting off some steam. If he likes it, who am I to stop him? You could perhaps say that our relationship is a bit strange, but it does not bother me at all. We actually have tons of fun together and he puts up with my working for West Midland escorts.


Should we have crossdressing escorts? I have started to wonder about that a lot recently. In the US, it is okay to date transgender escorts. That sounded a bit funny to me, but so many people are transgender. Why should we not be allowed to date people that we are comfortable with on a date? I cannot see it coming to West Midland escorts any time soon, but I can see it sneaking in through the back door here in the United Kingdom. After all, we are becoming more and more open about our needs. That is fine with me. A few years ago, I don’t think that I would have told anybody that I am bisexual, but now I don’t worry about doing so at all.

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