they say opposites attract but this was NOT the case for me

I met this really fantastic guy when I was hanging out with the girls from my London escorts. After chatting for a little while, it was clear that we did not really have a lot in common, but I still enjoyed talking to him. Was I attracted to him? They say that opposites attract, but I cannot say that happened in my case. Like I said to my London escorts at Charlotte London Escorts colleagues, he was not my cup of tea – I prefer PG Tips to Typhoo. It is as simple as that.


In general I do think that the theory of opposites attract may work for some. I know a couple of girls that I worked with at other London escorts services who have gone on to marry guys that have been totally different from them. The marriages have been successful just because both parties brought different qualities to the marriage. I keep on wondering what I actually have to offer a relationship. Having worked for London escorts for a long time, I have become very independent.


The guy I marry probably would have to be a rather independent man. I don’t like clingy guys at all, and needy guys. Sometimes at London escorts, you come across guys who are hugely emotionally needy and it is like they have to dump their problems on you. That sort of thing really annoys me, and I can feel myself becoming irritated with them. That is why I know that I need to marry a guy who is really independent, and can deal with his own problems. I work long hours at London escorts have enough dealing with my own stuff.


Are women becoming more and more independent? I think that women are longing to enjoy life on their own terms sometimes. Most London escorts are like that. I think it is because we deal with so many different situations that in th end, you become your own person and very confident. So many of the things which I have achieved in my life, I have had to do on my won. No one helped me to save up to buy my little flat. All of the money to buy my flat came from my London escorts earnings, and I am proud of what I have achieved in my life.


Perhaps this is why so many girls like me at London escorts are single. We have worked hard for what we have, and learned that this is the only way you get on in life. Maybe it has made us a little bit too independent. Finding a partner who is the perfect match is not going to be easy for any of us, and I do appreciate that I will be lucky if I ever find the right guy. I hope that he is out there, but he needs to be special. I would like to marry a man who really contributes to my life, not has me running around after him, and taking care of him.

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