To make it as Mayfair escorts you have to be very special.

Mayfair escorts charge more per hour than any other escorts, and you will have some very special dates. Mayfair escorts appreciate that they will be dating some very wealthy business men, and many other gentlemen callers will be doctors, lawyers and politicians. Dating Mayfair escorts is a totally different world, and Mayfair escorts need to stand out from the crowd. How Mayfair escorts manage to keep up appearances has so far been a well kept secret, but the Better Sex Guide managed to have a chat to some of the girls who work for leading Mayfair escorts agencies. The Touch Everything has to have a special touch, says one Mayfair escort from that we spoke to. Your lingerie has to be special, and can’t just come from Ann Summers. Our dates and callers expect something completely different so we spend a lot of money on buying the best lingerie that we can find. That includes brand name lingerie, and you will find that some of our lingerie comes from Prada and other top designers. Fortunately, our dates and callers are very generous to us and often give us gifts of lingerie. I have been able to build up a really nice lingerie collection thanks to my dates generous gifts. Boudoirs A lot of the escorts that we spoke to serve a welcome drink or glass of wine to their dates. Mayfair girls can’t just popped down to Aldi and Lidl to buy a bottle of wine or champagne. The drinks served most be of high quality, and that means that the ladies spend a lot of money in shops like Fortnum and Mason. Top grocery suppliers in the capital may not know this, but some of their best customers are Mayfair girls. The furnishings of the boudoirs need to be special as well. Fine linens and fabrics mix with good quality or even antique furniture. If you take a look at Mayfair agency web site, you will get some insight into what a Mayfair boudoir might look like. No expense is spared when furnishing this little love nests. Discretion Dating rich and well known people mean that you need to be discreet as well. Geoffrey Archer’s escorts all talked to the papers but if you want to retain your dates, you can’t afford to do that. Your dates may have certain preferences which you don’t want to share with the world. Also, many men in influential positions may have some certain fetishes that they don’t want to be made public, and it is really important to be able to keep someone’s special pleasures and desires out of the limelight. Making it as a Mayfair escort is not easy and you need to be able to be really dedicated to your calling. Only the most professional girls and ladies will be able to qualify as Mayfair escorts, and dates have come to rely on this simple fact. It may look easy from the outside but running and working for Mayfair based agencies is not easy.

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