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It’s hard to understand a lady when she is not interested. there is a lot of guys that can’t take rejection really well and that is kind of normal. there is plenty of bad situations that guys put themselves in after getting rejected. it’s just very disappointing to be unhappy and getting rejected a lot of the time. Sometimes it’s just better to be able to do something that would mean a better future for someone who is really trying hard to be a good person. life can get complicated very fast especially when a guy does not know what to do after getting rejection. there is something that can be done to find peace after being dumped by a woman. it would be nice to know the reason why she is not interested. just by knowing the reason can put the mind at ease. it’s very important to not follow pride because it can slowly ruin any chance of being able to feel good again. a woman might not be interested if she does not see the qualities that she is looking for a man like, honesty or maturity. most of the guys who gets rejected by someone does not even know why he was not able to succeed with her at the end. the truth might hurt but it can help start the healing of the heart immediately. i just don’t have nothing to say after getting rejected by three women consecutively. it felt very hard to deal with not being able to do something with my life. life has a lot of lesson to reach in every failure. After all the sadness I just thought that it would be better to stop chasing women around because there so countless of things that I have to work on at the start. The best thing for me was to just do the right thing and try to date a London escort. it is a better journey to date a London escort. I just think that she is able to help me feel better than I can be in my life. Each of the time that I have been rejected and felt unwanted. I wanted to be a different person because of the shame that was building up in my life. but I don’t have to feel to bad right now. I’m really happy to be around a London escort and do the right thing when it comes to her. there has been a lot of things to work in my life. but it’s easy to be happy now that I know that there is someone who will not turn her back on me like the countless of women who did before. the only person that I can turn in for now is a London escort. but I hope with her help my world is going to get bigger and there would be a chance for me to find a life with someone that matters.

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