What is the truth about sex

Sex – what is it really all about? Some say that sex is all about passion and others say that it is all about showing someone that you love them. To be honest, if you asked all of the girls at our Charlotte Greenwich escorts service, you would probably get a different answer. Some girls that I work with at Charlotte Greenwich escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/greenwich-escorts/ say that sex is all about showing someone that you love them. Other say that sex is all about raw animal pleasure and making the most out of that feeling that we may feel in our loins from time to time.


Sex is about like love – it is hard to put your finger on what it is. I have been working for Charlotte Greenwich escorts for such a long time that I know that love is also open for interpretation. It is easy to get sex and love mixed up because that is the generally accepted concept of love and sex in society today. I am not sure that is right. Once again, it is a very personal thing. Some girls at Charlotte Greenwich escorts think that love should always feel like falling in love every day. Is that right? I think that the jury is kind of out on that one.


What about companionship? If you live with someone as their companion, surely you are just their friend. It seems that a lot of people make a distinction here as well. Some seem to think that companionship is about so much more than just companionship. I used to live with a guy who called me his companion. It was at the start of my Charlotte Greenwich escorts career when I did not have a lot of money. He called m his companion but it soon turned out that I was a lot more to him. In fact, I was his sexy companion and he was really demanding. I did not have the energy to be with him and work for Charlotte Greenwich escorts at the same time. After a while, I gave up to try to be everything and focused on my Charlotte Greenwich escorts career instead.


Friendship is another thing. Should friendship every involve sex? I am not sure about that. Mixing up friendship and sex can cause a lot of problems as far as I am concerned. It does not matter if it is a male or female friend. I know many Charlotte Greenwich escorts who have ended up losing very good friends when sex crept into the relationship. Can you be good friends and enjoy a sexual relationship at the same time? I am not sure that is true, but I have known girls who have managed the two.


What is the final verdict on sex? I am not sure and I think it is a very complicated subject. When I was younger, I used to think that sex was love. Working for Charlotte Greenwich escorts has taught me that sex is very much an interpretation of what is going on in our lives. Sometimes it is all about love and other times it is all about just sex. But sex can also form part of a companionship relationship or a friendship. We make it complicated and perhaps sex should just be about raw animal passion after all.


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