When we first met our relationship was so exciting now all he wants to do is eat chips and watch TV

So I have this problem that I brought to my girlfriends at London escorts about my boyfriend. We’ve been together for some years now and we’ve had a pretty straightforward easy-going regular relationship. We spend most of our time together when we weren’t at work or with family and we have both integrated into each other’s friendship circles. My boyfriend love the girls in London escorts he found them so easy-going and such friendly people. His friends are pretty cool as well although I still prefer my friends at London escorts.


Recently I found it quite a struggle to get my boyfriend to do anything with me it’s almost like he’s in a depression but there hasn’t been any trigger that I know of at least. He wakes up late he gets to work late he struggles in late most of the time drunk and only ever wants to do is just sit and eat chips and watch TV. It’s not like he even wants to watch decent TV like a movie or anything he wants to watch nonsense TV like Love Island or EastEnders. I don’t know what’s gotten into him. I spoke to the girls at London escort about it and they say maybe he’s just having an early mid life crisis. Some of the girls hesitantly even suggested that he might be bored of me or even cheating on me. When I heard that my heart jumped I can’t imagine why he would even do that our sex life is fine when we actually have it and we’ve not been arguing he’s just been really lethargic.


Some of the girls in London escort say that maybe he’s not well and doesn’t wanna tell me but I can’t imagine that either as we tell each other pretty much everything. I really don’t know how to handle this is he getting bored of me is he cheating on me I just don’t know.


The girls at London escorts suggested that maybe I buy some sex toys and try and spice up our sex life. I guess that is a good idea I just don’t really think that that is the problem but I’ll try anything at this moment. One of my closest friends from London escort from Charlotte Barking Escorts suggested that maybe we need a holiday with everything that’s going on with Covid at the moment I don’t know if I’m able to travel without having to pay heavy penalties. Maybe I could do a staycation maybe we could travel to Cornwall a long drive together would force us to speak with each other then again you never know he might just sleep for the whole five hours of driving and leave me to it.

I’ll start with the sex toys and see how that goes I might bring one of my London escorts friends to help me decide on which ones I should pick. I really hope it works because I have no idea what’s going on between us right now.

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