Where is the best place to date elite black escorts in London?

This is a question we often get asked at the Agency. It turns out that a lot of chaps would like to date elite black escorts at https://charlotteaction.org/black-escorts when they visit London, but they are having a hard time finding elite black escorts.

There are many central London agencies that can help to provide gents with elite black escorts, but I am afraid dating elite black escorts in London is not cheap. It is interesting to note that a lot of men who would like to date elite black escorts, think the ladies are going to come at a cheaper price. This is not true at all and you will find that all elite escorts in central London charge the same price.

There seems to be a lot of discrimination against black ladies in many parts of the world, but the problem does not exist in the UK. The UK is probably one of the few places in the world where the hourly rates remain the same.

Big cities such as London are very multi cultural, and you can expect to find escorts here from every ethnic background. The Brits will not ever expect a black or Asian escort to charge less than a native girl. This may sound strange to a lot of serial daters but UK serial daters think that it is quite normal.

The Agency spoke to Alan who has dated hot and elite escorts around the world. Why should the hourly rate be different said Alan. The girls provide the same kind of service and I would never expect a black escort to charge me a lower hourly rate. I don’t know where this concept has come from but I have noticed that many foreign gents to expect a lower price. Alan is quick to point out that this is discrimination, and he would not entertain that at all.

The Agency is with Alan. This is truly discrimination, and we don’t think that any self respecting UK escorts agency would dream of charging less per hour for their black ladies. They are providing the same service as local or any other ethnic back ground. At the end of the day, would we expect a Swedish escort to charge less per hour? Of course, we wouldn’t so quite where this concept has come from the Agency struggles to understand.

You cannot say that a black escort, or human being is worth less, than any other escort or person, so why would they charge less? It seems very odd to use. Of course, there are escort agencies in London with lower hourly rates and perhaps these gents should be taking a look at them.

It must be very upsetting for black ladies to read this kind of thing, and I hope we have made it quite clear where we stand. A black escort is just as stunning and sexy as a white or Asian escort.

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