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Would you like to enjoy a romantic breakfast? St Johns Wood escorts say that a romantic breakfast is the best way to keep a relationship alive. There are many romantic breakfast ideas out there, but which one would suit the love of your life? Of course, if it is a very new relationship it might be difficult to know what your new love interest would like to enjoy for breakfast. It might be a good idea to mention it in general conversation, so when it comes down to breakfast, you are ready to serve up the right delights to keep your girlfriend happy in the bed for a little while longer.

According to St Johns Wood escorts from http://cityofeve.com/ strawberries have always been a romantic breakfast food. They just look really great served on a white plate with perhaps some nice yogurt. There are lot of different flavor yogurts but you might just want to consider serving vanilla. Vanilla tastes great with strawberries and you can get some nice and light vanilla yogurts as well. A glass of Bucks Fizz would probably go down well with this romantic breakfast but a glass of ordinary orange juice would do as well. Finish the tray of with a red rose to match the strawberries.

sophisticated girls at St Johns  wood Escorts
sophisticated girls at St Johns wood Escorts

Another romantic breakfast suggested by St Johns Wood escorts would be a freshly made croissant. If you can’t get hold of freshly made croissants, you can always buy them the night before. Never heat croissants up in the microwave, they don’t taste very nice afterwards and go a bit soft. A croissant should always stay crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. If you do need to eat up your croissant do so for a few quick minutes in a hot oven. Not only do they taste better this way but they also smell really nice.

There is always chocolate of course but it does not make the best breakfast food. If you do fancy cooking something for your love in the morning, how about some French toast. It is really easy to prepare. All you need is milk, egg and a frying many with some oil. Blend the egg and milk together, dip in the bread in the mixture, coat well and fry in really hot oil until slightly golden. Most St Johns Wood escorts say that they would be really impressed if they boyfriends served up French toast in the morning. Perhaps you should try it as well.

St Johns Wood escorts say that wanting to impress your girlfriend with a romantic breakfast shows that you are interested in having a romantic relationship with her. It shows that you care and all girls like a man who can arrange breakfast for them. It says that I love you and I am going to show you at the same time.

All you husbands out there – when was the last time you arranged and prepared a romantic breakfast for you wife? I am sure that most husbands might do it once a year perhaps, but it would be nice if you did it more often. You never know what a romantic breakfast might lead to…

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